On select dates at Artomatic 2016, professional photographer and Artomatic veteran Bernardo Santos-Lachenal returns to offer headshot/portrait sessions free of charge to the public.  You get a souvenir image, and more package options offered at a discount to Artomatic attendees.  Read on for details…

FREE SESSION: Most professional headshot sessions last a whole day, and can be expensive for the session fee alone.  Editing and delivery are typically additional costs.  This free photo session exclusive to Artomatic is a shortened version of a standard headshot session with Bernardo Santos-Lachenal (see 'About the artist' below).  Full length sessions currently start at $750, and usually involve a day of preparation and shooting, with personalised attention and guidance to capture the most competitive and appealing images for clients in the fashion and entertainment industries.  

At Artomatic 2016, you get a compact version of the photo shoot experience for a minimum investment of time, and at no cost, with access to images of high quality.  After the photo shoot, you get one free image from your session as standard.  And if you desire, you will have options to choose from an online gallery of proofs from your session, and select images for delivery, with professional editing.

If you want to get creative and custom tailor your photo session, reserve a spot ahead of time and specify your needs.  We will do our best to accommodate anything reasonable.  Use the photo session to update your LinkedIn profile, build your modeling portfolio, or just get a quality individual portrait.

About the photographer

Bernardo Santos-Lachenal has worked as a headshot photographer for LinkedIn and other professional organisations in New York City.  He is also an internationally published fashion and portrait photographer, and often shoots on-location throughout North America, Europe, and Australia.  See more of his work online: www.StoneRoseMedia.com, and on Instagram @StoneRoseMedia.  He is a proud Artomatic veteran since 2009.

NOTE: ONLY BOOKED RESERVATIONS *GUARANTEE* A HEADSHOT SESSION.  Since there is limited time for only a few days of shooting, walk-in signup sessions will be allotted on a first come-first served, space availability basis, and there is a strong chance not all walk-ins will be serviced.  While walk-in sign up early on the day increases your chances, it is not guaranteed.  Our recommendation: If you're serious about taking advantage of this offer, book your session early and skip the wait by reserving a specific date/time.  See 'How to Book' below for instructions.

How to Book / Terms & Conditions

HOW TO BOOK: You can request a specific time slot during regular Artomatic hours on November 25, 26, 27 and December 2 & 3 by sending an e-mail with your top 3 preferred times to [email protected].  Label them with your order of preference and be specific to the quarter hour, so for example: 1) Nov 26 at 12:15pm, 2) Dec 3 at 2:30pm, 3) Nov 27 at 4:45pm.  You will be contacted either with confirmation of one of your preferred times, or be asked to reschedule if all your choices are already taken.

RESERVATION CHANGES/CANCELLATIONS/REFUNDS/NO SHOWS: Given the expected demand and short supply of time to service everyone interested, as a courtesy, we ask you to give a minimum 24 hours notice before your reserved time if you need to modify your reservation.  Rescheduling will be done on a space available basis.

PHOTO SESSION DURATION: If you are coming from the daily standby sign-in sheet, you will need to be ready when you are called or you may lose your spot in line.  When you are called and your session begins the total time from start to finish will vary slightly, but should average approximately 15 minutes.  Actual shooting times may vary. 

*HAIR/MAKE-UP: For the final weekend of headshots we welcome the talented make up artist & hairstylist Julia Spenadel, who will be offering a special rate to Artomatic headshot clients.  Here's more on her experience and services:

About the makeup artist

Julia of Makeup by Jewels is an award winning Professional Makeup Artist & Hair Stylist. Her work has been featured in Bethesda Magazine, Inked magazine, Photo Vogue and more.  This Friday and Saturday she will be discounting her services at only $20 for makeup and hair!  Contact at [email protected] or 240-330-7629 to find out more.  **Be sure to schedule your appointment with Julia at least 75mins before your headshot session to give her enough time to prepare you for the shoot.

WARDROBE: Dress appropriately for the target audience of your portrait.  Wearing solid colors and avoiding clothing with patterns is generally recommended.

EDITING/RETOUCHING: Professional editing/retouching will be available on request.  This is an industry standard that involves more than clicking a button or applying filters.  It is a sophisticated and customized process based on each client and their selected images.   Ask about this option at your session.  

Enjoy Artomatic 2016 and leave with a customized souvenir – a professional portrait of yourself!  Book now to reserve your space, avoid the wait, and not risk missing out!